Posted on by Winnie Wang

At the beginning of new school year, what will make you feel happy?  --Homecoming! What is the most important for homecoming? –Theme!  We collected about 5 fun homecoming themes and the homecoming dresses for you that perfectly match with each. Appropriate theme and right dress, what a perfect fit. You will be more eye-catching in the homecoming party.


France is a city of romance, Paris is even more so. You can image that you walk the street of Paris with an elegant dress, which is decorated a little appliques. The off-the-shoulder style makes you look a bit sexy. How beautiful you are!

Roaring-Rocking 80’s

It was the age of rock and roll in the 80’s. Most of young student may have a dream of rocking. Shining and sexy dresses with sheath silhouette, that will be so cool! Please sway to the music.


If the theme of homecoming party is carnival, that means you chance is coming. You can show your whimsical side with a sparkly ways such as red, blue, green and purple dresses.

Sleepless-New York

The sleepless night can have a non-stop entertainment. What can represent sleepless style? --All-black dresses. Black can embellish your figure, and black is the best color at the night. Don’t hesitate and wear black homecoming dresses to attend your party.


The first impression of Disney is sweet and happy. This is the theme that is very suit to young girl—youthful and active. The light color dresses such as white, pink will fit you very well.

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