Posted on by Winnie Wang

Black Friday has arrived, thanksgiving day is on the way, and next is Christmas. That means that the beautiful holidays are shaving its hands to us, there has no reason to not be crazy!  

During the holidays, there must have many parties to attend. To celebrate holidays and parties, we know what we have do. Luckily, BOHOPROM has prepared for these happy time. 

You may be worried that what to wear? What are kinds of styles suitable to you? Actually, we don’t recommend that you choose party dresses from their styles or silhouette. Color will be a good idea! Below for our top 3 colors of holiday dresses that will make a profound impression to you, no matter where the holidays take you.


Red represent lucky, warm and chic. So it is the best color for you. When we wear red dresses to attend the party, you will get much compliments.  Not to mention, it’s always been a hot color for the past few seasons, making it more outstanding for this time of year. Feature some appliques or shining beadings and rhinestones on the skirt, making these dresses more charming.


What is the first thing that came to mind when you saw the silver color? Shining and unforgettable. This color will make you feel comfortable just like at the home. There must have many strangers in the party, silver will make you more free. What’s more, under the lights of the party, silver dresses will make you more sparkly and eye-catching.  Get some sequins or slit embellished on the dresses, you will love it very much.


Some people will not like black color. To be honest, black is a sexy color and very popular. Black can also trim your body such as make your arms or legs longer, make you waist slimmer and so on. A plunging v-neck or long slit or sexy back, black party dresses will give you different surprise. Whatever you like simple or complicated, you will find the best one.

Be ready for upcoming holidays and be most beautiful. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. That's what makes us unique.