Posted on by Winnie Wang

Unwittingly, the most beautiful season of the year—Autumn is coming. It is time to change style of colors in your wedding party. Also, please don’t forget that bridesmaids are also the most important roles in your wedding. Here introduces 5 top colors of bridesmaid dresses in the fall to create a best wedding theme for all brides.


The symbol of autumn is the maple leaf that the color looks like fire, which is also a symbol of love, prosperous and forever. Burgundy is like maple leaf, so it must be the first color for the fall.


Some brides don’t like bright color, and they like fresh. The theme of the wedding party is warm and fragrant. All of wedding guests are their good friends. So if you want to choose a soft color, mist will be your best choice.


What color will make you feel charming? Which color will be your husband or boyfriend favorite? Coral! A color has pink with hint of orange. Like a shy girl, the coral bridesmaid dresses will add much lightspot in your wedding party.

Dark Navy

Blue is the common color for bridesmaid dresses. Dark navy is a little deeper than normal blue, but this color is very graceful. At the same time, it is also a easy matching color for wedding party. You will like it.

Light Pink

Most brides like light pink as the color of bridesmaid dresses in their wedding, because every girl has a pink dream in their heart, so light pink can meet your request.