Posted on by Winnie Wang

Autumn is a bleak beauty, and everywhere is full with yellow and red such as yellow leaves and red maple leaves. In this season, the pretty burgundy, emeralds, royal blues and so on will be popular in fall.  Why not use these colorful colors to dress us yourself when attending prom or evening party?


Burgundy is memorable color in fall, continuing to be popular in fashion circles. Are you prepared to be crazy? “Be fully armed from head to toe”! Deep v-neck, open back, halter neckline and so on are all elegant decoration. It is not only a color, it’s your choice.

Royal Blue

If turquoise represents lives, then royal blue must have the same meaning at some level.   This color will never be outdated, and it is always your best friends whether you’re going to dance or other things. Be relax, putting on your best partner. And you will be the only one in the party.


Lace, appliques, sequins, beading and so on, no matter the style, a long black dress is necessity for you. It may adorns a slit on the skirt or appliques on the bodice, no matter how you change, it will make you more beautiful. When you walk the red carpet in black prom dress, the paparazzi will only see you!


The pink girls stand up! It’s your show time. In the golden atmosphere of autumn, pink dress can make have a feeling that gives you the shine at the moment. Enjoy the night with a dazzling v-neck, we all think that’s nothing short of stunning.


Who doesn’t like jewel? Emeralds that are glittering and translucent. Look so elegant and gorgeous with an emerald evening dress, whether it’s a satin in a-line or mermaid silhouette, it can show your beauty perfectly.  Simply slip on your style and prepare to wow with each step.