Posted on by Winnie Wang

Beach Wedding

If your dream wedding involves saying your vows barefoot, on a picture-perfect beach, then the following beach wedding will be your favorite. Do gentle ocean breezes, radiant sun beams, salty air and snow-white sand sound like paradise?

Sand Wedding Dress

In summer, the nature witnesses the perfect love between you and your husband. The sea breeze gently blows your skirt, the light sand wedding dress flutters with the wind, which is accompanied by the sand at your feet and the sea behind you. It must be very romantic. Now come to choose the best beach wedding dresses with your lover. Here shows some perfect dresses for you.

Decoration for your wedding

In addition to the precious wedding dress, your wedding should also have unique decoration. For example, warm and elegant scene, small and cute finger tags, charming and beautiful bridesmaids and so on.

Embellishment for yourself

Also, as a shimmering bride, one of the main characters in the wedding, you also need to dress up yourself like perfect hairstyle, foot decoration, wedding shoes etc. Would you like these?

If you are still hesitating, come Bohoprom and you may find some different scene. You will find your style. Finally, we all hope that you can find the best wedding that is suit you.