Posted on by Winnie Wang

What is most important in a dress? Fabric! Most of prom dresses are close-fitting, so if the fabric is not comfortable and soft, that must be the bad experience. Now, we will introduce 3 popular and soft fabrics to you, these 3 kinds of fabrics are common and the cost is not very expensive, as long as it has no complicated decoration.


It is known that satin has a little heavy, but it must be more elegant than other fabrics. And the surface of satin is glossy. So if you want to choose elegant homecoming dresses, you can choose satin. Usually, the price of pure satin dresses will not surpass $109.


Why do we introduce tulle on second? Tulle is transparent and very light. If the dress is just made of tulle, and that is too skimpy! So when the material of outer layer is tulle, the inside material must be satin. They are the best partners. And we can also add some appliques or embroideries on the tulle. That will make this tulle homecoming dresses more eye-catching.


Lace is one of most popular fabrics, because there have many different patterns on the lace. Ten lace fabrics can be made 10 different lace dresses. If you cherish lace homecoming dresses, you can choose your favorite pattern.

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